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Home-stays, Sri Lanka


A Sri Lankan Village Homestay Experience on the outskirts of Kandy

Polwaththa Home Stays consists of 8 Homes, 7 of which are in a cluster, and the other 2 deeper in the village. They are situated 16-17 KM from Kandy which gives the Guests the advantage of the proximity to the historic Kandy city while experiencing an authentic village life-style. You will live with the hosts - all typically Sri Lankan, under one roof (the exception being Sandya’s Home which has 2 large detached rooms), sharing all they could offer. You will experience truly Sri Lankan hospitality and the freedom to try out new and exciting things, such as cooking on a hearth in clay pots, eating with your hands, dressing up in a sari or sarong, visiting the local temple with your host family, bathing from a well, in the river or at the water-fall… and lots more that your host family could suggest or what you can request – the hardest thing for them to do is to say “no”.


Being situated close to unspoiled villages and not far from the Knuckles mountains, several nature and community based activities could be arranged, in collaboration with Polwaththa Eco Lodges who will provide the Guides for the treks and if required, arrange transport (hired vehicles or public transport) for visits to Wasgamuwa National Park, Dambulla Rock temple, Sigiriya Lion Rock (or Pidurangala) or beyond.  

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